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We get a significant number of inquiries from people who would like us to send outsourced work their way. Before doing this, please take a little time to read and understand the following:

Hopefully it doesn't come as a surprise, but we're fans of Toronto and of Joomla. So if you're physically located in the GTA, get involved in the local user group. We'll meet, we can talk, and we'll take it from there.

If you're not local but still in Canada, then post a couple of Joomla sites that you've done. If you're a member of a native community then you don't need to post links; just tell us what you can do.

If you're outside Canada, we'll consider working with you only if you've made identifiable contributions to the Joomla community. By identifiable contributions we mean:

  • Code. Be it bugfixes/patches or larger contributions. Show us commits or tracker items that you've worked on.
  • Support. If you're active on the forums or in mailing lists, point us at some posts. These have to be Joomla project links, not just links to your own support forums.
  • Documentation. Show us edits on docs.joomla.org, or give us links to a book you wrote, your instructional videos, blogs, etc.
  • Community. Point us at other contributions you might have made, be it a Joomla focused web site, helping to organize a Joomla event, or something else. Merely sponsoring an event is insufficient.
  • Extensions. Free JED-listed extensions where everything is under the GPL or a more permissive license. By everything we mean all the content in your extension, the PHP, the Javascript, the CSS, images, icons, and documentation. Also the extensions can't be trivial; they need to demonstrate expertise in Joomla. We will read your code and we will judge you on it.

You also get bonus points for using the word gnomon because it means you've read this far. If you can't do any of the above, then your solicitation will be ignored. Specifically, we don't care if you can:

  • Build Wordpress sites for $99 (or for cheap – if price is your main selling feature you lose).
  • Do PSD to template conversions.
  • Can get us on the first page of Google (for our target terms we already are, thank you very much).
  • Are great at Flash.

Mention any of these things and we'll stop reading immediately and delete your post.

This article posted under a Creative Commons License. Feel free to adapt it for your own purposes. Also, you can get great obscure words like gnomon at Wordnik.